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Walking alongside of our clients, as they desire to become a better and healthier version of themselves. 

Counseling Services

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Meet The Owners

Helping Our Clients Thrive 

Kenya and ShanTrail King proudly established Ear To Hear Consulting and Counseling, PLLC. Their passion is all about helping individuals and couples strengthen their relational bonds by working on their communication skills, resolving relational issues, tackling intimacy challenges, and facing conflicts head-on. They believe that nurturing healthy connections is the key to a fulfilling and happy life.

When it comes to providing counseling services, they are all about top-notch quality. They like to keep things fresh and up-to-date by embracing the latest technologies, making counseling more accessible and convenient for you!

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Benefits of Ear To Hear Couples Counseling


Renewed Trust

Learn skills to better understand one another


Resolved Conflict

Practice tools & techniques to improve communication

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Rebuilt Intimacy

Develop ways to reconnect & initiate intimacy again

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Refreshed Relationships

Identify the building blocks of healthier interactions

Flat Rate Fee


  • Online Sessions Available

  • Evening  Appointments

  • Payment May Be Reimbursable for PPO/POS Plans


Desire to learn more tips and tricks to help you and your partner flourish in your relationship?

Click below to read some of my recent articles about dating, marriage and other relational topics, that will help you improve your relationship connection.

The Ear To Hear Experience

At Ear To Hear, we work to be consistent, collaborative, plus provide quality service and care.


Ear To Hear is ready to help you reach your relationship goals.


We recognize that healing starts with safety and warmth. Our priority is to provide you a protected, non-judgmental space to connect with yourself.


  • Flexible - Evening availability

  • Texas -Wide - Sessions booked online 

  • Flat Rate Fee - $100 per 50-minute session

Start Today with your 

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