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What Is Family Therapy Texas Services?


Family is a very important factor in many of our lives. We were taught that when you need someone to lean on, we can always lean on family. However, there are times when one family member has an issue and takes its toll on the rest of the family. Ear To Hear Consulting and Counseling PLLC provides family services that can help families resolve issues and manage circumstances affecting their family’s health and happiness.


Family Therapy Texas Services Helps Families Mental Health

When it comes to having healthy mental health in families, it has been taboo that we do not speak of these things. We are learning over the past few years, that not speaking on the issues can cause further rifts between families. We have learned to practice avoidance behavior by avoiding issues at hand. Here at Ear To Hear Counseling, we desire to assist with learning healthier functioning patterns to assist strengthening familial ties. 

Raising a family (and, sometimes, just being a part of one) comes with responsibilities. As parents, you need help raising your kids (and extra help if you have kids with special needs). Your children need support, too, as they discover themselves, interact with one another, cope with major changes or adjustments, navigate the maze that is life.

The trained therapists at Ear To Hear Counseling is here to help families recover, adjust and move on after a disaster, as they find their “new normal.” From welcoming a newborn, to learning to live through major life changes or developments – starting family therapy boston services can ease your transition and provide healing.

When to seek out Family Therapy Texas services?

There’s no one support or intervention that fits all when it comes to a family’s mental health. Ear To Hear brings a professional mindset and a set of skills that you simply may not have. Don’t feel obligated to handle family trials and transitions on your own—let us assist you & your family.

What can Family Therapy Texas services assist with?

  1. Solving conflicts in a relationship – between siblings, couples or parents.

  2. Supporting a family member who is living with a chronic or long-term mental or physical illness, including depression, and drug and substance abuse.

  3. Resolving internal and external relationship issues.

  4. Dealing with various growth and development challenges or issues facing children.

  5. Promoting work-life balance, finding workable solutions to job problems that often include stress or problems at work, and dealing with unemployment.

  6. Navigating the difficult times like the loss of a loved one, or surviving a natural crisis or accident.

  7. Dealing with sudden change, such as an accident that leaves a family member dependent on others, relocating to a new city, or incarceration of a family member.

  8. Adjusting to a new addition in the family—newborn, foster or adopted child, or a relative from the extended family.

  9. Handling divorce, couple conflict, communication problems, and more.

  10. Dealing with what is called life change cycles in families. 

If you or your family is current struggling in your familial relationships, Ear To Hear Counseling can assist. 

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