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What Is Marriage Counseling Texas Services?


Communication and commitment issues, lack of loyalty, sexual concerns, financial troubles and much more can contribute to barriers in marriage.  Many married couples feel as if they are the only ones that go through these problems. Others may be embarrassed that they are even at this point in their marriage.


Ear To Hear Counseling assist with managing conflicts related to barriers that have popped up in your marriage, such as those listed above. The hope is to help Texas married couples to heal and potentially overcome the barriers that are present, while restoring happiness and getting back to a place of stability. The desire is to also reach outcomes that both of you are happy with – even (in rare cases) where the solution involves peacefully going your separate ways.


It is common for partners to feel like the intimacy has shifted or is lacking. Some even feel a sense of hopelessness, may no longer feel joy, or even the loss of respect. Regardless of how desperate the situation may seem, a marriage counselor can assist you in therapy management with the hope of overcoming these kind of problems.

Why is Marriage Counseling Texas Services Important?


Marriage Counseling Texas services are designed to help Texas couples recognize and resolve conflicts affecting their marriage.

Some of the problems that threaten most marriages may have been present while dating or even rooted in childhood. Oftentimes, many do not have the skills needed to identify the signs that could help them address their current concerns. 

Marriage Counseling generally is short term and may require only a few weekly sessions to complete. Cases that need more in-depth attention may require up to several months of counseling to resolve. Regardless of what stage you are in your relationship, marriage counseling provides you with a chance to make thoughtful decisions about building, rebuilding, and strengthening your marriage.

Therapy can provide you with a chance to gain a deeper understanding of your partner. This enhanced understanding of each other makes it easier to resolve  problems that seemed impossible at the beginning of counseling. 

How does Marriage Counseling Texas services Work?


Nearly every couple that is new to marriage counseling ask the same question, “How can sitting at the opposite ends of a sofa in front of a marriage counselor  make my marital problems go away?” 


You may have attempted to speak with your spouse about the concerns that you have regarding your marriage. You may even feel like you are speaking to a brick wall and not being heard. You may also feel as if you are wasting your time because nothing is going to change. The two of you may have even tried married counseling before with a not so positive outcome.  However, deep down you feel that you do not want to walk away from your marriage and desire to give it another try.

Addressing your concerns with your partner by yourself is a good start. However, keep in mind that you both are human, so the anger, resentment, and blame will likely often find its way into the conversation.

As humans, most of our brains are hardwired to evoke undesirable behavior s when our emotions are involved. The two of you, may find yourself doing or saying things that you usually would not. You simply lose control. This is not the mindset in which to make healthy decisions that can affect the rest of your life.

Negative communication patterns find its way into many of your interactions when your marriage is under stress. This makes it extremely difficult to hold a healthy and productive conversation with the hopes of positive outcomes. This is where Marriage Counseling Texas services comes in. It provides a safe environment where you as the couple can hold productive conversations without the influence of negative communication patterns rearing its ugly head.

Marriage counseling provides emotional safety and safeguards for both partners to hear each other and be heard, with the hopes of connecting on a deeper level. You both get a chance to talk to each other intimately, establishing understanding and emotional connection that helps you develop new, restorative experiences with one another.

With therapy, you can pinpoint and understand the root of your conflict(s) as a couple. The deep understanding from this experience often breeds empathy, emotional closeness, and a desire to change undesired states of affairs in favor of desirable ones.

Marriage Counseling Texas service helps create an emotional climate that can restore your marriage back to where everything made sense. A skilled marriage counselor uses their expertise to assist in getting to the root of the problem.

Marriage Counseling Texas service is not just for couples who are seeking to fix an existing problem in their marriage. Some Texas couples attend couples therapy as marriage maintenance, a way of continuing to work towards maintaining a strong marriage. In marriage counseling sessions, the couple learn the skills needed to enhance their interactions and take their marriage to new heights. 


Have any topics that you feel uncomfortable tackling with your partner?  The introduction of a professional neutral third party, can assist with your each of you be heard and understood.  Marriage counselors are trained professionals with the skill and ability to create a safe space for openly discussing any painful or uncomfortable topics with ease. When you book a session for Marriage Counseling Texas services, you willl have a chance to clarify any expectations or assumptions without fear of getting cornered – and this can enhance both sexual and emotional intimacy.


Below are some common concerns that are stressors in marriages, in which counseling can assist with:

1. Money

Money is a leading source of conflict for more than one-third of married partners worldwide. Left unresolved, many of these cases end up in divorce. This underscores just how important it is to start addressing the issue of money early in your relationship, prior to marriage – which is where premarital counseling comes in.


As many married couples go through rough financial patches,  Ear To Hear Counseling  can assist you in navigating this marriage stressor. Know that you two are not alone, as many married couples face this common stressor. However, trying to handle it alone can cause further stress on your marriage. 


2. Children

There is nothing like the love and support of both of your parents as a child. To look in the stands or the crowd and see your parents is rewarding. Parents (you two), sometimes put all of your focus into your children and forget about each other. When the children grown up and launch out to adulthood, you two are staring at each other like strangers. You cannot recall the last time that you have been on a date, vacation or truly celebrated your anniversary. Children are a blessing, but many married couples lack balance. 


Another factor that can become a stressor to your marriage, is placing your children before your spouse. Many couples struggle with this and the child(ren) can sometime come between the husband and wife. This is also a factor in blended families. When you are in a blended family, it can sometimes become hard to blend. You think that we will get married and all will be well however, there was not a conversation between soon to be husband and wife of what this may look like. Is this your current situation? Contact us.


3. Intimacy

The reality is that many married couples never started out their marriage with intimacy. What does that mean to the two of you? Did you happen to confuse intimacy with sex (as these are two different things)? In the beginning sex is great! However, when you lack intimacy and all you have (or may not have) is sex, the marriage can suffer. 


Couples therapy sessions with a licensed Texas marriage counselor can-do wonders in recognizing intimacy issues. It can assist with rekindling the passion in your married life.


4. Affair

The effects of infidelity or what is better known as an affair, can negatively impact a marriage. The trust that was once there in the marriage is now broken.  The couple finds themselves, trying to navigate these choppy waters the best that they can. When one steps outside of the marriage and have an affair oftentimes; these relationships are emotionally intense, sexual in nature, but can, in some cases, be limited to casual or online flings. 


Perpetrators or victims of an affair tend to find it challenging to heal from the wounds they have caused each other. Therefore, the help of an experienced marriage counselor is usually essential in cases involving an affair.

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