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Military Marriage Counseling Texas


What Is Military Marriage Counseling Texas Services?


Serving our great nation is an honor. It is said that less than one percent of the United States population serve in the military. Many military personnel share how it is difficult to get those who have not served to understand the situations and circumstances that they are facing or have faced, while serving our country.


Imagine how service members feel when they try to attend counseling for problems in their military marriage. You go to the facilities provided on the installation, but overall feel like you two will handle it alone. This often ends in a rapid divorce, all because you feel like no one truly understands your struggles. You may also simply feel like you do not want anyone in your chain of command to know your private business. 


Military Marriage Counseling Texas services, can assist with your concerns.  Ear To Hear Counseling understands all of these concerns fully, as we have staff that not only have experience with assisting our military but have walked in the boots that you wear.

Engaged to the Military

The person that you love just proposed to you and he or she currently serves in the military. What does it mean to be a military spouse? What will your life look like while being married to the military? You may believe that your military marriage is going to look just like what you have seen in the movies or on television.  Another question that you may have is, who is going to teach me how to be a military spouse? Military marriage counseling Texas services can assist those who reside in the state of Texas. We do not teach, yet we assist you in navigating what your path as a military spouse may look like. 


If you two are engaged while one or both are serving in the military, consider receiving counseling services with Ear To Hear Counseling.  Learn how to create a solid military marriage foundation, and be provided some essential tools to help better understand what your future of being married to the military may look like.

Military Marriage - Service Member


Your spouse is frustrated because they know absolutely nothing about the military or what being a military spouse means. You try your best to help them to understand, but it is causing further issues in your military marriage. You have been trained that the mission is first. You desire for your spouse to take care of the home front so you can complete your military mission. However, you do not know how to express this to them to get them to understand. You feel like your marriage is at a place of contention and may even be contemplating divorce. 


If this is how you are feeling, military marriage counseling Texas services can assist. Ear To Hear Counseling has vast experience in working with the military population. That which you desire to express in your military marriage, allow Ear To Hear Counseling to assist. 

Military Marriage - (Non-Service Member)

You are married to your military spouse, but feel as if they do not understand what you go through. You were never taught what being a military spouse is about. You feel as if you are in an uncharted territory and just trying to stay afloat. Your military spouse do not understand that you too are juggling multiple hats. You feel as if you are married (when your spouse is at home), but feel like a single parent (if you have children and when they are away from home). Your spouse does not understand all that you do to support him/her in their military career. You may feel as if you always have to place yourself on the back burner to his/her military career. 


You may even be considering divorce, because you did not sign up for this. Actually, you do not know what you signed up for.  Ear To Hear Counseling knows all too well, the challenges that you are facing.  Allow our trained counseling professionals to assist you along your military journey.

Dual Military Marriage Couple

You love the idea of both you and your spouse serving in the military . The two of you are able to speak military jargon and understand each other clearly.  You both understand the importance of the military mission.  However, with the mission that both of you have to complete, your marriage feels as if it is on the back burner. You may even feel as if you are single, because you two are always going in separate directions. You love your spouse, but not your current situation. The thought may have crossed your mind that being that you two barely see each other, you may as well divorce. In your heart you love your spouse unconditionally, but do not desire to divorce.


With military marriage counseling Texas service, we can assist with providing various tools of how to maximize the time that you two have together. Both of you probably desire to have your military career and your military marriage. It is possible to be successful at both, with the tools that Ear To Hear Counseling provides.

Being a Military Parent 

One of the things that many service members heard in basic training is, ‘if I wanted you to have a family I would have issued you one.” Juggling the life of the military can offer some challenges especially, when it comes to parenting military children.  The children do not understand the military, they only understand that it is their parent's job.  Because of going through basic training and AIT, servicemembers are accustomed to receiving instruction and moving out to make it happen (accomplish the mission). The ironic thing is as service members, it is often thought that our children should follow the same guidelines. The issue with this thinking is that your children did not go through basic training and AIT/Tech School (or the name of your training).


Due to the example mentioned above, there may be some strain in the parent-child relationship. The child may feel as if their parent(s) do not care or understand them. As a military parent may feel as if your child(ren) is ungrateful, because you sacrifice so that they can have a better life. These challenges of the military parent-child relationship, may be causing issues within your military marriage or with the parent of your child(ren). Allow our trained counselor at Ear To Hear Counseling, to assist you in identifying the barriers and working to navigate these difficult challenges in your life. 

Married to a Veteran - The Veteran


You have successfully made it through military life. You have received your DD-214 and is ready to start the next chapter in your life. As you start a new career, maybe use your GI Bill to go back to school; things start to seem a bit challenging. 

Your spouse and children may start to mention how you seem closed off from them. You are becoming frustrated because you are trying your best, but your best does not seem good enough to your family. You start to isolate, because they do not understand what you are going through. You feel a sense of comfort being around your battle buddies then your family, because your battle buddies understand you. Does this sound familiar?

What is actually taking place is that you and your family is drifting apart. You may even be asking yourself, how is it that me and my spouse made it all these years in the military but now having so many difficulties? Keep in mind that you were trained to be a service member, but not fully trained about how to return back to civilian life after the military. 

Military Marriage Counseling Texas services, can assist with these difficulties.  Ear To Hear Counseling has experience with working with Veterans and the various concerns that they face. We understand that you are proud of your military service, but do not want to lose your family in your life after the military. You are not alone as many Veterans deal with these same issues, yet many are afraid to admit it. Let Ear To Hear Counseling assist you in navigating the challenges that you face. 

Married to a Veteran - The Spouse

You are excited to start a new journey with your Veteran spouse in your life after the military. However, as time has gone along, things seem to be a bit challenge. Your spouse seems to be distant and your marriage appears to be suffering. You try to speak with your spouse to get a better understanding, but he/she becomes angry and isolate him/herself even more. 

You find yourself crying and blaming yourself for the place that your marriage is in. You see that your children are also being affected and a rift is starting to take place between your spouse and children. You do not know which way to turn and feel as if no one understands. Ear To Hear Counseling can assist, as we have experience in working with Veteran spouses. Helpful tools can be provided as well as new skills to be learned in helping to build a brighter outcome for yourself and your family.

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