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What Is Premarital Counseling Texas Services?


The marriage proposal went well and now on to planning the wedding.  Pause for a minute, have the two of you considered going through Premarital Counseling? Many couples think that premarital counseling is not important and you can just skip straight to the ‘I Do’s.” With the excitement of marriage ahead, the engaged couple may look past concerning issues to avoid potentially ruffling feathers before getting married. The assumption is generally, once we get married things will be better. Others believe that, I will just wait to talk about that after we get married. You may even feel that once you say “I Do,” all the issues will go away. 


What can seem minor prior to marriage, can often develop into serious problems during the marriage.  However, Ear To Hear Consulting and Counseling, PLLC, provides premarital counseling services to assist engaged couples in the hopes to avoid such outcomes.


How can Premarital Counseling Texas service help?


Premarital counseling Texas services is therapy for couples that is provided before marriage.  Premarital counseling is a type of treatment – specialized in nature – which marriage and family therapists give couples in preparation for their marriage.  In premarital counseling the therapist discuss with the couple their expectations for marriage. The couple can share any concerns that they may have in reference to getting married.  Tools are shared with the couples to assist in navigating any potential barriers that may present in marriage.  It is generally instrumental in helping you identify potential areas of conflict, weaknesses, and issues in your relationship early on.  With the guidance of a relationship therapist, you and your partner are then able to address these issues in a safe environment before they grow into serious concerns.  Couples that participate in Premarital Counseling Texas services get a chance to build a healthy and strong relationship before their wedding.  This goes a long way in creating a firm foundation for the union that follows.

When to consider Premarital Counseling Texas service?


You may be tempted to consider premarital counseling Texas services two to three weeks before your wedding.  To receive the full benefits of premarital counseling, you would want to start services sooner rather than later.  You want to give yourselves plenty of time to navigate through each stage of the premarital services provided by Ear To Hear Counseling. 


It is best that when couples are newly engaged, to start premarital counseling sessions so you can start building a firm foundation for marriage.  Each partner will have a chance to identify their individual weaknesses of things that may become problematic in their future marriage.  Although this may sound scary and you do not want to disclose some things, it may help in helping to better understand each other. 


There are so many things that is shared by those who have been in long standing marriages, that can aid in creating a solid and long lasting marriage. 


1. Communication
Healthy communication is what is most shared to be a strong factor in having a solid marriage. It is said that when you can start off talking like friends and continue it into your marriage, the marriage will be stronger.  Being able to be totally open and honest with your future spouse, without judgement.  Learning how to have healthy and mature communication allows you to learn your spouse to be at a deeper level. 


2. Children
After marriage, one of the first things that couples believe is that they have to grow their family by starting to have children. Have the two of you had a conversation as to how many children that you would like to have? Do either, if not both of you already have children? What does the blending of your families look like? There are so many unanswered questions that need answering, in which premarital counseling Texas services can assist.  Ear To Hear Counseling can offer you both a means to resolve the impasse early on before saying “I Do.” This will allow you both to enter the marriage feeling more confident about your future together.


3. Financial planning
Finances tend to be something that many married couples struggle with. However, many tend to avoid having conversations about finances at all cost. This is a conversation that definitely needs to be discussed, so each of you have an understanding of how you will proceed forward financially. Marriage is viewed as a partnership. It requires collaboration and planning, especially when it comes to your finances and the shared responsibilities.

While looking at a glance of what your new reality could be, a premarital counselor can provide assistance. You will take a look at your future financial goals and strategies in your new shared environment. When addressing this early in your relationship, it can aide in preventing potential barriers from popping up and affecting your marriage.


4. Marriage expectations
Although all of these are important along with many more factors regarding your future marriage, knowing the marriage expectations of your future spouse is essential. What is your fiancee’s marriage expectation based off of? Is it his/her parents marriage or the marriage that their friend have or had? The reality is that many couples set their expectations of marriage too high and not even realize that they are doing it. There tend to be unspoken expectations that the husband or wife just expects their spouse to know. These are barriers that can truly harm a marriage. The skills that you will gain can prepare you in dealing with potential unmet exceptions. Premarital Counseling Texas services can assist with sharing tools that can be used in your future marriage. 

Couples who attend counseling before marriage, usually have higher chances of resolving any potential problems, while achieving happier and more stable marriages.

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