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What Is Relationship Counseling Texas Services?


Our interactions with others can sometimes result in misunderstandings and miscommunication, amongst other things.  The surface relationships that we have with others along with the more time that we spend with each other, can potentially lead to some challenges.  When it comes to relationship counseling, this counseling pertains to anyone that you have relationships with in which a barrier or barriers are present.  The relationship can be concerning those with your parents, your siblings, extended family and so on.  Relationship counseling can assist with navigating the current barriers present in any relationship, to include those in intimate relationships. 


When relationships are strained or a barrier is present, this is where relationship counseling comes in.  Relationship Counseling Texas services helps individuals and couples navigate today’s fast-paced world and achieve healthy and happy relationships amid the constant interruptions of technology and social media.


How does Relationship Counseling Texas services work?


This type of counseling is a form of psychotherapy aimed at helping people improve their relationships and interactions. During psychotherapy, the client learns about their moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors amongst other things.


These counseling services involves a therapist speaking with the individual, relational pair (all clients involved) or couple about their relationship issues in a safe space. In session, both the client(s) and therapist will work to identify the current barrier for the client. Once this has been identified, the client(s) and therapist will collaborate to set therapeutic goals. A treatment plan will be created, reiterating the goals that the client would like to meet. Once the therapeutic goals have been achieved, the sessions are then complete. The therapist of Ear To Hear Counseling, ensure to walk along side of the client until the client meets their goal.


Do I Need Relationship Counseling Texas services?


Only the client can truly answer this question in reference to the need of relationship counseling. When barriers are present that are hindering individuals from having healthy positive relationships, one would agree that counseling may need to be the next step.  All too often, it is easy for us as a people to isolate ourselves from the troubled relationship. This may be a healthy move to make for some, but for others it may not be. The goal of relationship counseling Texas services, is for clients to be able to have healthy relational interactions with those around them. 

Here are some of the behaviors that could potentially hurt your interactions and keep you from enjoying healthy and happy relationships.


1. Lack of Boundaries
Having a lack of boundaries is one of the biggest issues that are generally related to relational issues. When a person lack boundaries, they may feel as if they are a ‘pushover.’  Pushovers can mean, when it appears that other people are always getting over on you. You may feel as if people do not take you seriously in your relationship, whether it be familial or those in your inner circle of friends. When you start to speak up for yourself, others get upset with you. Does this sound familiar?

2. People Pleasing

People pleasing is another issue that rare its head in any relationship.  You may have been raised to always be in the spotlight and to make everyone proud of you. What does that entail or look like for you in your adult life.  Do you feel like you always have to be an ‘overachiever,’ to be accepted by others? People pleasing can also look like not having the courage to use the word ‘NO,’ when it comes to something that you do not want to do. 


3. Savior Mentality

Do you feel in all of your relationships as if you have to be the one that “saves” everyone around you?  This is often referred to as the savior mentality and can also be a hinderance when it comes to your relationships. You may feel like you always have to be the one to help everyone else.  However, you become frustrated with those that you are in relationship with they do not reciprocate.  You may often ask yourself, why do others not do for me as I do for them?  You then become frustrated, burned out and feel as if others do not care for you as you care for them.


4. Feeling Inferior
Inferiority can also play a big part in relationship concerns.  We as humans have a bad habit of comparing ourselves to others.  Whether it be those in our families, inner circles, the workplace, etc.  You may feel the need to constantly have to prove yourself, due to feeling inferior.  When others do not see you as you think they should, it hinders your relationships.  The social media age that we are living in, does not help regarding the inferiority complexes that many struggle with. 


If you struggle with any of these and feel that you are in need of counseling, let us be your Ear To Hear.

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